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I've been told that mormons have more than one wife. Is that true? Isn't that illegal? - Doug B.

Doug, the practice of having more than one wife - known as polygamy or plural marriage - is illegal and is not practiced by the mormons. Any member of the church that is found to be practicing polygamy is typically excommunicated immediately. The reason that people often relate mormons to polygamy or plural marriage is that in the early days of the church certain members did have more than one wife. At the time this practice was taking place, plural marriage was not illegal in the US. Even though relatively few members of the church participate din polygamy, the image is often connected to mormonism in general. It is important to realize that this practice has not occurred in the LDS (mormon) church for many years and is specifically preached against. The following are several links to articles providing more information on the topic of mormonism and polygamy in case you are interested in learning more.

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